Do I need to be 16 to start the full course?
You may start the in-class portion before you obtain your G1 but must have a valid G1 license before starting the in-car portion of the course.

Where can I be picked up from?
Golan Driving offers free pickup form Home, school, work or a pre-determined location depending on location.

Will there be another student in the car with me?
No, we are proud to give one on one instruction for the safety and convenience of our students
Taking 2 students at once is a common practice in this industry to cut costs and save money, Golan Driving School puts service as the first priority.

How long does it take to schedule my road test?
Typically it takes 2-5 weeks to obtain a road test however Golan Driving School does offer extremely fast booking getting your road test within 72 hours at the location of your choice.

What if I miss an in-class session?
MTO requires that you complete all in-class lessons in sequence. (example: if session 3 is missed after taking session 1 and 2 you must wait until session 3 is offered in the following course) If a class is missed, you must complete the missed session before continuing on to the next session. some exceptions are made to make up a particular class missed due to illness or emergency.

How long do I have to finish the course?
MTO regulation requires all students to complete the full BDE course within 1 year of start date, MTO does not accept certification after this period. Any remaining in-class instruction and in-car lessons after this period will be deemed void. To Receive certification for an expired course the student will have to pay and re-enroll for a new course and complete the full required course hours.

When will I be certified?
Students who have successfully completed all components of the BDE course consisting of 20 hours in class 10 hours homelink and 10 hours in car instruction will be certified on-line where the student driver record will be updated through the ministry.

What are the benefits of a certificate?
The certificate allows you to book a G1 exit road test in 8 months instead of 12 of receiving your G1 as well as entitles you to maximum insurance discounts.

How much will I save on Insurance?
Every insurance company is different. How much you will save on insurance will depend on the insurance company you choose. You could save up to 41% on your premiums. Contact your insurance company or agent for more information on savings.

How do I obtain my certificate?
Students wanting proof of course completion for possible insurance discounts need to obtain their Driver’s License History Report. This is done by request, in-person at a Driver and Vehicle Issuing Office or ServiceOntario.

Do you offer a payment plan?
We offer a zero interest flexible payment plan tailored to you and your needs to get you on the road and in our classroom as soon as possible. Payment plans can be discussed prior to enrollment.